Ms. Theresa Bauccio-Teschlog, NIGP-CPP, CPPB

City of Everett - WA

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City of Everett - WA


Customer Service Skills
Over 17 years of experience of teaching, training and mentoring professionals.

Strong knowledge of public works procurement laws.

Over twenty years of exceptional customer service experience in both the private and public sectors, specializing in analyzing customer concerns and creative problem solving.

Proven track record in administering volunteer staff recruitment, creation of training programs for staff and customers, and successfully planning large fundraising and community events.

Managing Business Operations
Strong theoretical and hands-on experience in managing day-to-day operational, planning, budgeting and accounting tasks.

Analyzed the City’s purchasing requisition process; created, implemented and managed a streamlined acquisition and payment process; and evaluated purchasing requests for compliance.

Reduced potential City liability by creating a Vendor Verification Policy, and developed creative marketing strategies to capture diverse customer bases.

Teamwork and Leadership Talents
Highly skilled in working with vendors and contractors, negotiating and managing contracts, and coordinating all necessary components for a successful partnership.

Acted as a liaison with 16 local public agencies and spearheaded efforts to establish the first shared electronic Professional Architect and Engineering Roster.

Adept at forming strong interpersonal relationships, managing volunteers and staff members, and leading large meetings.