Mrs. Brooke Smith

Purchasing Agent & Deputy,
Murray City Corporation

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Murray City Corporation


Dream BIG, Work Hard, Stay Focused, & Surround Yourself with Good People.

I am currently a Purchasing Agent and Deputy City Recorder for Murray City Corp. with a history of working in Local Government Administration. I love my career and the opportunities I have had to work with the community to reach common goals and objectives with each agency I have worked with. My education and experiences have provided me multiple opportunities to develop skills in local government leadership, including: legal administration; business licensing; office management; records management; public meeting management; elections; internal policies and services; finance; surplus; communication; public speaking; government purchasing; and contract management.

I recently completed a Masters of Interdisciplinary Studies emphasizing in Public Administration and Leadership at Southern Utah University. The Interdisciplinary Studies program is great because it allowed me to pick two core disciplines to really fine tune my specific career goals and ambitions of one day being a Deputy or Assistant City Manager for a small to medium sized city here in the great State of Utah. I look forward to furthering my public administration and leadership education and career and enjoy seeing those around me succeed as we work together towards a common local government goals.

I believe my art history background has given me a keen eye for media design and communication. Recently, I was appointed as the Communication Chair for the NIGP-Utah chapter and implement the first ever "No Show-Trade Show" allowing vendors to submit video's and pdf's of their products virtually, which is hosted on the Utah Chapter of NIGP website. This experience has given me the opportunity to be creative while staying engaged with the vendors and in the NIGP community.