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City of Alexandria


Chris Smith is a proven Procurement Contract Specialist, Management & Leadership Consultant and REALTOR. Currently serving the City of Alexandria, Virginia as a Contract Specialist. He is the founder of both First Team Consulting and Dreams to Address Realty.

He has been responsible for overseeing various high-profile programs in a variety of leadership and management roles. Chris effectively assisted with leading teams, managing, recruiting, and training staff, managing vendors, contracts, and sales, and ensuring a strong program is in place to continually improve services and reduce operational costs by managing people, processes, technology & assets effectively.

He provided financial leadership as a Program Manager for both Serco and Booz Allen Hamilton.  He has supported all aspects of business development through long Federal government sales cycles and has provided contract financial management. He was also responsible for strategic planning, monthly forecasting, & financial analysis. As a financial manager, he & his team not only provided all the required programmatic support but also improved & re-engineered business processes, prepared cost analysis, formulated, executed & tracked multimillion-dollar annual budgets.


Chris has also worked for the Walt Disney Company, Andersen Consulting, Keller Williams, Accenture, Unisys, RE/MAX & LMI. Some of his current & past consulting clients include GE Capital, NASDAQ, Wachovia, Dept. of Education, Navy, Verizon, Air Force, HUD, House of Representatives, WHS, Defense Intelligence Agency, Counter Intelligence Field Activity, & the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

He has served as an instrumental leader in numerous key positions requiring strong leadership, supervisory & interpersonal skills. He has gained & displayed valuable experience designing, planning, developing & implementing state–of–the–art information technology systems.  He also has served in leading support roles in the design & conduct of management consulting, procurement and contract management, human capital consulting, & organizational development programs.

Outside of work, Chris serves in many volunteer service activities within his church. He has served as head coach for several competitive sports teams & currently is training for his next triathlon. He also enjoys spending quality time with his family, playing golf, baseball, softball, football, swimming & basketball. A graduate of James Madison University, he holds a bachelor’s degree in business management and an Executive Master of Business degree from Virginia Tech.