Ms. Stacy Gregg, CPPO, CPPB, NIGP-CPP

University of South Carolina

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University of South Carolina


Stacy Gregg began working in the field of public procurement in June of 1996. Currently, she serves the citizens of South Carolina as Procurement Manager for the State Fiscal Accountability Office (SFAA – State Procurement Office, Goods & Services). In her role with the State of SC she solicits, awards, & manages contracts, serves as the State’s P-Card Administrator, and provides training to procurement professionals through the agency’s training program. 

 Nationally, Stacy is a member of NASPO’s Exchange, Forum, and Emerging Issues Committees. She also collaborated with other professionals in 2017 on NASPO Value Point’s Office Furniture Sourcing Team.  As a member of The Institute for Government Procurement (NIGP), Stacy has volunteered as a member of the Diversity Committee and in the K-12 Knowledge Community, Item Writing Task Force, Specifications Practices, Bid Practices, and Feedback Project. Currently, Stacy serves as Awards Committee Chairperson and Region 4 Chapter Ambassador for the organization. She is also an Instructor for NIGP on the Faculty of Contract Administration and Risk Management.  Stacy was nationally recognized as Buyer of the Year for The Institute in 2014.

As a member of the local Chapter of NIGP, SCAGPO, she has served in the capacity of President, VP, Director at Large, Relations Officer and Chairperson of the Mentoring, Professional Development, Information & Publicity, Program, and Membership committees.  Stacy has been awarded the Barnes, Bland, and multiple Presidents’ Awards for the Chapter.

Stacy has an Associate’s Degree in Public Service (Paralegal) from Midlands Technical College in Columbia, SC and B.A. Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Concentrating in English & Management) from the University of South Carolina.  She also holds Certified Public Procurement Officer (CPPO), and Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB) designations from the Universal Public Procurement Certification Council (UPPCC).
Professional Development Presentations:

September 2017

  • Start Today! Bring Value to Every Faucet of Your Life (Georgia Chapter of NIGP, Jekyll Island)
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Service Contract Specifications  (Georgia Chapter of NIGP, Jekyll Island)
August 2017  

  • Ethics in Public Procurement (SC MMO)
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Service Contract Specifications  (NIGP, Salt Lake City)
  • Contract Administration Course (Online,  NIGP)
June 2017
  • 10 Things Public Procurement Professionals Want You To Know (National Association of Minority  Contractors)
  • NIGP 101 (Coastal Georgia Chapter of NIGP, Savannah)
May 2017

  • Risk Management Course (Online, NIGP)
April 2017 

  • Ethics in Public Procurement (SC MMO)
March 2017

  • NIGP 101 (Carolinas Chapter of NIGP, Hickory NC)
February 2017
  • Ethics in Public Procurement (SC MMO)
  • NIGP 101 (North Louisiana Chapter of NIGP)
  • Start Today! Bring Value to Every Faucet of Your Life (North Louisiana Chapter of NIGP)
  • Government & Procurement Ethics (North Louisiana Chapter of NIGP)
August 2016 

  • Ethics in Public Procurement (SC MMO)
  • Contract Administration Course (Online, NIGP)
  • Government & Procurement Ethics (NIGP Forum, National Harbor)
April 2016

  • How to Create a Competitive NIGP Awards Submission (NIGP Webinar)
  • August 2015
  • Strengthening your Chapter’s Professional Development Programs (NIGP Forum, Kansas City)
August 2014

  • Professionally Speaking: Getting Desired Results Through Effective Communications (NIGP Philadelphia)
  • Signature Events: Improving Your Professional Development Events to Increase Participation & Learning Opportunities (NIGP Forum, Philadelphia)
November 2013

  • 5 Best Practices For A Successful P-Card Program (SCAGPO Forum)
August 2013

  • Professionally Speaking: Getting Desired Results Through Effective Communications (NIGP Webinar)
February 2013

  • Building Policies & Procedures for P-Card Program (NIGP Webinar)
January 2013

  • Best Practices for Starting and Building A P-Card Program (NIGP Webinar)
  • November 2012
  • Insider Information: What your Procurement Agent Wants You To Know (SCAGPO Trade Show, Vendors)
August 2012

  • Great Ideas!  Marketing Strategies For your Chapter (NIGP Forum, Seattle)