Ms. Lourdes ( Maria de Lourdes) Coss, CPPO

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Maria de Lourdes Coss is an author and an accomplished procurement professional with over 27 years of procurement experience. She held executive level positions in major public organizations. As a visionary and change agent, she successfully led transformations resulting in substantial cost savings, many operational efficiencies, legislative changes, automation, and enhanced staff performance. Lourdes authored several public policies and legislative changes, many of which were institutionalized and still exist in the organizations for which she worked. She worked for large agencies like the City of Chicago, Cook County, City of Houston, University of Illinois at Chicago, and others.

Lourdes also held positions in various Boards regarding energy, green procurement, minority and women business participation, and NIGP. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Puerto Rico and received her MPA from Florida State University.