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Garrison Flood Control Systems, LLC.


Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the world. Every year there are homes, municipal facilities, commercial buildings, infrastructure and more that are damaged by severe flood threats, resulting in billions of dollars in lost revenue and extensive repairs.

Garrison™ Flood Control provides a complete line of flood control products to meet these emerging threats. Our complete line of flood protection was developed to meet the flood protection needs of homeowners, municipal public works departments, facility managers, and emergency service departments. We offer our products for sale throughout the world.

Garrison Flood Control has a history of assisting with severe weather events, so we have made it our goal to make flood protection solutions more available and accessible to those who need them, both in the private and public sector.

With offices and warehouses in NYC and in California and national contracts with various government agencies, we have the entire United States and Canada covered. We also offer our products internationally to meet customer needs globally.

Traditional fixed solutions have not kept up with the severity and unpredictability of today’s flood threats. Modern flooding requires modern and mobile flood control solutions. Here at Garrison Flood, we are the modern solution to help you stay protected.

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