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NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement


Rick Grimm became NIGP’s fifth Chief Executive Officer in January 1998.

Rick holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from the University of Miami and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Florida International University. He served county governments and public school districts for 23 years, including over 12 years in the management of the public procurement function. Achieving CPPB certification in 1987 and CPPO certification in 1992, Rick received the NIGP Professional Purchasing Manager of the Year in 1993. In 1995, he was elected to the NIGP Board of Directors – serving in this capacity until his appointment as the Institute’s Chief Executive Officer. Rick also served as President of the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) in 2004-2005. Rick also serves on the Supervisory Board for the U.S. Communities national purchasing cooperative program.

Under Rick’s leadership, the Institute has developed, supported and promoted the public procurement profession in several arenas. To develop the professional through a continuous learning environment, NIGP re-wrote its major curriculum authored by academicians and practitioners under the LEAP Program. The Institute has also added distance learning opportunities to NIGP’s growing list of educational offerings – including Webinars on contemporary topics and intensive online courses.

To support the membership, NIGP has instituted an agency accreditation program, a partnership with Florida Atlantic University, the establishment of the Public Procurement Research Center, a Journal of Public Procurement, a number of new online resource tools, a comprehensive marketing plan, several enhancements to the NIGP Web site.

To promote the profession, NIGP has focused on its vision, mission and strategic planning process, it has adopted revisions to governance that streamlines the work of the Board of Directors and national committees, and it has adopted public policy resolutions advocating the value of public procurement, and has reached out to the supplier community through the NIGP Business Council. Under his leadership, the Institute also launched an umbrella partnership with seven other public procurement associations under the National Council for Public Procurement and Contracting.

In support of the Board’s strategic plan, and to demonstrate the Institute’s leadership and commitment as the leading authority in public procurement, the Institute is leading a collaborative effort to develop public procurement practices that are based on six key values and related guiding principles. And in support of the Board’s vision to be a vibrant international association, Rick has been instrumental in developing a Partnership for Public Good with the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply – the world’s largest procurement association serving 60,000 members in 151 countries.

Since Rick’s appointment in 1998, 20 new NIGP Chapter Affiliates have been chartered including the Institute’s first student chapter on the campus of the California Polytechnic Institute in Pomona. A staff of 18 has grown to 31 professionals located in Herndon, Virginia and the budget needed to sustain member programs now exceeds $5 million.