Certification - How has it helped you in your career?

By Catherine Patin posted 01-10-2018 14:02

January is Cert Prep Month! Time to get serious and buckle down to prepare for the May exams. Our 2015 Research Report explores the  Value of Procurement Certification and we see some powerful takeaways -  71% of managers say certified individuals know what is required to perform their jobs better, 74% recognize certified individuals as experts and 85% say certification validates specialized knowledge.

I'd love to start a dialog on the what you see as the value of certification. How has it impacted your career? Look forward to your thoughts.




02-21-2018 13:10

Certification is both a journey and a destination.  It requires a level of knowledge and experience that set you apart from others.  For those interested in a procurement career it is a journey that you want to take.  Public procurement is ever changing and we are responsible for knowing and understanding how these changes affect our entities.   Becoming certified proves to yourself and others that you are invested in the profession and that you have the knowledge to pass the rigorous testing required to earn those letters behind your name.  But just as important is what you learn while preparing for the testing; this is the journey to better educated procurement professionals, a journey that doesn't end with certification, but takes you there along the way.    Certification has opened many doors for me and given me opportunities that I would not have had otherwise.  I proudly list those letters behind my name.

01-30-2018 13:38

The serious public procurement professional should aim for certification as soon as they are eligible!  To tag onto what Christina stated, certification clearly helps solidify and legitimize ones interest, passion and knowledge of public procurement!!  The certification designation CPPB and CPPO mean different things and demonstrates your commitment to a profession that is critical in every organization.  I obtained my CPPB many years ago and in October successfully tested for the CPPO.   The designation gives me confidence when I am speaking to any audience (internal customers, vendors or other procurement professionals, etc.) by demonstrating my level of knowledge in procurement!  It has also provided me advancement opportunities because to achieve certain level positions in our organization, you much be certified.  Although the preparation and testing for the certification is not easy, however the end result is extremely rewarding!!

01-11-2018 16:35

Well said! Thank you.

01-11-2018 11:53

Certification for me was a long-term goal that helped solidify and legitimize my interest and passion in public procurement.  I feel that using certification letters in one's signature is a reminder to themselves and others the expected professionalism that using them carries; they are not just letters in the alphabet – they stand for something significant.  CPPB & CPPO certification has the potential to open many doors, especially in that holding on to them requires one to continue growing and learning through the recertification process.  We can never stop learning!