Specializations Program

Specializations give you more options to gain recognition for your learning and development.

These certificates let you showcase greater depth and expertise in any number of specialty areas of public procurement. You can gain mastery and advance your learning in new and emerging focal areas of procurement or become a recognized thought leader by pushing your learning boundaries to build deep and specialized skills in growing areas of public procurement such as Technology Acquisitions, or Sustainability.
Specialization Program

Specializations are standalone certificates and do not have pre-requisites, although some baseline understanding of generally recognized public procurement concepts may be needed in some instances. For example, when learning to write an RFP for Technology Procurement, you would be required to have some baseline understanding and experience with RFPs in general.

Foundations in Technology Certificate Badge
To obtain a Specialization certificate, you must successfully complete the required learning and pass the assessment associated with the specialty. As with all Pathways certificates, you will receive a digital badge for instant recognition.

  • Foundations in Technology Procurement

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  • Construction Procurement

    Coming August 2020