Eligibility - NIGP-CPP

While many certification programs require procurement training or coursework for eligibility, the NIGP-CPP does not. This is because the NIGP-CPP exam assesses competencies and behaviors rather than knowledge. Eliminating this requirement gives you the flexibility to sharpen your skills and competencies within specific learning modules that you choose, without any mandates. This includes Pathways, NIGP’s modular learning program which aligns with the same Public Procurement Competency Framework that anchors the NIGP-CPP.

What Exam you take is based on the Pathway that applies to you!

NIGP_CPPO_and_CPPB_Certificants_Graphic_550_x_700.jpgProfessionals who have already earned their CPPO or CPPB credentials from the UPPCC can apply for the NIGP-CPP under Pathway F. The NIGP-CPP complements the CPPO and CPPB programs by including content and competencies in the exam that are not addressed in the UPPCC certifications; thereby giving professionals choice in the marketplace for earning additional career credentials.

Eligibility for the Bridge Exam

  • Current CPPO or CPPB or lapsed with one year of expiration date of certification

  • Proof of formal education or relevant work experience is not required