NIGP-CPP is a complement to the CPPO and CPPB

There are differences that distinguish the NIGP-CPP from the current CPPO and CPPB programs and these differentiators should guide potential candidates as they consider their pathway to attaining the NIGP certification.

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NIGP-CPP (Competency-based)

CPPO/CPPB (Knowledge-based)

  • The NIGP-CPP is targeted to mid to senior level leaders
  • The CPPO is geared towards individuals in leadership or management positions and the CPPB is designed for individuals who are responsible for performing essential functions within the procurement cycle.
  • The NIGP-CPP is a competency-based exam based on the Public Procurement Competency Framework (PPCF) which focuses on knowledge, skills and performance.
  • The CPPO and CPPB are knowledge-based exams based on the Public Procurement Body of Knowledge (PPBOK).
  • The NIGP-CPP is based on 43 competency statements within seven areas of focus within the PPCF.

  • The CPPO and CPPB are based on 88 knowledge statements within six major domains. The knowledge statements are the same for the CPPO and CPPB; although the weighted percentages are different.

  • The NIGP-CPP eligibility provides optional pathways for candidates who neither have a post-secondary diploma nor an associate’s, bachelor’s or advanced degree.

  • The CPPO requires a bachelor’s degree while the CPPB requires a 2-year post-secondary educational program or two additional years of work experience.
  • The NIGP-CPP does not require procurement coursework or training as an eligibility requirement.

  • The CPPO application requires 96 contact hours of procurement-related coursework/training and the CPPB application requires 72 contact hours.
  • The NIGP-CPP is a two-part modular exam.

  • The CPPO and CPPB are single exams.

All three exams focus on public procurement’s technical aspects:  sourcing, negotiation, contract administration, and supply management.  However, the emphasis placed on these 4 PPBOK domains is different. These 4 domains make up:

  • 25% of the NIGP-CPP exam.

  • 55% of the CPPO exam and 72% of the CPPB exam.
  • Half of the NIGP-CPP exam will cover three new focus areas: Strategy (10%), Business Principles and Operations (14%) and Leadership (26%).

  • NIGP-CPP re-certification is every three years with a minimum requirement for 36 contact hours in continuing education activities. 
  • The UPPCC requires re-certification every five years with a requirement for a minimum of 45 contact hours. There are options to earn points in continuing education and professional development, employment experience in public procurement (1 contact hour per year) and professional contributions in procurement (20 contact hours maximum).

  • NIGP will automatically upload all contact hours earned through all NIGP educational programs (seminars, learning modules, webinars, virtual conferences, the annual Forum, etc.) to the candidate’s secure certification portal; saving time and effort in tracking contact hours.

  • The UPPCC requires manual, online data entry via MyUPPCC for each activity earning re-certification points.