Application & Fees

NIGP-CPP: Application & Fees

The application for the NIGP-CPP program should be available mid-February 2020.

  • Bridge Exam Candidates

    • Submit proof of current certification status

    • Verification of formal education or relevant work experience is not necessary.

    • No application fees and no initial testing fees through June 2021.  (If the candidate re-takes the exam, fees will apply.) 

    • Complimentary NIGP-CPP online prep courses through June 2021.


  • Comprehensive Exam Candidates

    • Demonstrate relevant work experience via an Experience Verification Form

    • The amount of work experience (measured in months) determined by the Pathway selected by the candidate. i.e. those candidates who have earned a master’s degree in public administration, public policy, supply chain, procurement, or economics (Pathway A) need to demonstrate relevant work experience over a 24-month period within the last ten years.

    • Each work experience must align with a minimum of 20 of the 43 competency statements identified in the NIGP-CPP exam content. 

    • Experience must be earned within the past 10 years.

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