NIGP Certification

NIGP Certified Procurement Professional (NIGP-CPP)

As part of our commitment to enhancing your learning and offering you multiple paths to gain recognition, we are launching a new NIGP certification program - the NIGP Certified Procurement Professional (NIGP – CPP). This new certification program is based on the Public Procurement Competency Framework – competencies which focus not only on knowledge but also on skills and performance

Why is it Important

We designed our credentialing program to integrate into our learning management system so that learning and credentialing are tightly linked. You want to learn anywhere, anytime and anyway and you want options to be recognized for your learning. The new NIGP-CPP requires a unified strategy that is best achieved under a single organizational structure. It is based on comprehensive learning and expands the areas of focus to include Strategy, Leadership and Business Principles & Operations, which are all critical to your long-term success.

NIGP Certification

The NIGP-CPP delivers greater value to you and to the entities you work for. With the backing and support of NIGP and our long-standing history of empowering the public procurement profession, we are confident this new certification will better prepare you to become recognized experts and valued strategic thought leaders.

How it works

Exclusive Offer

The Bridge program is geared towards current CPPB and CPPO holders who also want to get the new NIGP-CPP.

The Bridge Exam - Earn your NIGP-CPP

  • March 2020 - Certification Prep Guides and Courses
  • April 2020 - First Exams

The Comprehensive Exam is geared towards members who are seeking certification for the first time.

The Comprehensive Exam

  • May 2020 - Certification Prep Guides and Courses
  • June 2020 - First Exams