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insites future technologies in long term projects

By Lawrence Waxman posted 08-16-2018 12:30


The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is currently working to improve its acquisition of future technologies in long term projects, and is seeking insights into how other agencies approach this matter. For example, how do you ensure that at the end of a 15-year construction project the most modern technologies (which may not currently exist) were acquired and incorporated into the final product.

 How does your agency ensure that up to date technology is incorporated in long term construction projects?

  1. Does your agency have any best practices to ensure the latest technology is included?
    1. Any contractual provisions implemented?
    2. Any specific pricing frameworks utilized?
  2. Are existing technological systems typically replaced or modified to work with the latest technology?
  3. Any examples of long term projects that effectively incorporated modern technology?
    1. What was the process like?

 Thank you,  Larry Waxman  tel 212 435 4639    email