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The Power of Testimonials

By Kristy Varda posted 03-09-2018 14:52

“Investing time to learn something in your professional make you RICH in your KNOWLEDGE, if you are not then it will make you POOR in your PERFORMANCE.”
Sivaprakash Sidhu

In our profession we all know the strength of numbers, the strength of collaboration, and the strength of sharing knowledge, but did you ever consider the strength of testimonials?
How many times are you asked, "So what is it you do"?
Does your "boss" or leader really know what it is you do for your organization?  How about what you do for other organizations such as your local chapter or NIGP?
This is where the power of the Testimonial can come into play.  Tell them the story about how you found procurement.  Tell them about the solicitation that went so totally wrong.  Tell others about the contracts you are proud of and why you are proud of them. Most especially, tell others why you do what you do and get them excited to join you.  As a growing profession, procurement still needs help in getting to word out.  Procurement needs help to become a true "profession" as per the definition of the word and the only way to do that is to get others excited about what we do through testimonials.  By generating excitement we can then advocated to get our classes and training added to business degree programs or other programs that offer business classes in conjunction with their degree programs.  For example, when I was attending UMUC for my Masters in Biotechnology we took classes based on patent law, project management and ethics. Wouldn't it have also made sense to also have a class on procurement? As many research projects start at the academic level and SMEs would be needed to build those projects and any procurement related to the project, having a basic knowledge of procurement and how it works could expedite the gathering of the needed resources for that research project.
So my message to you today is Tell Your Story. Be excited that you get to participate in a world class profession that gets to touch every facet of what we do.  Use your voice to help encourage others to join our profession.  Give Your Testimonial!