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Editing, Creating Policy

By Kristy Varda posted 02-13-2017 15:02


Well I have done it now!  I have started on the journey to update our Procurement Policy and Regulations.  As I reviewed our lead legal document, the Virginia Public Procurement Act (VPPA), I first start with identifying what parts of the VPPA we are required to follow and which parts we can elect to incorporate or not.  Once the paragraphs are identified it is then time to move on to what was currently in place.

My goal in taking on this arduous task is to improve the documents in order for our constituents and end users to clearly understand what we do, the methods we use, and to show that we are transparent, unbiased and use industry best practices.   Thankfully some of my VA colleagues sent me copies of their policies and procedures to use as resources and I am using them to the fullest! 

As I look at our two documents my ADD brain tends to over think things.  In our organization Policy is approved by the School Board and Regulation is approved by the Superintendent.  In a nutshell that means that Policy is broad and Regulation is detailed.  For some reason my brain is struggling to determine what should go in which.

In brainstorming with my supervisor a game plan is developed; combine the documents into as much detail as possible and then we can determine what to pull out to make the broad document.  Now while this sounds simple, for someone like me, I will still get hung up on the minutiae from time to time but I will slog on until it is as finished I can get it before showing others. 

I am taking this week to devote to this project and hopefully it will be done on my timeline... but as we all know Procurement will interrupt the best laid plans!