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Asset Management Proposal - Compliance to CCNA

By Gina Lanzilotta posted 07-19-2018 09:56

​  Good Morning,
I'm searching for Proposals in the State of Florida for Asset Management and the need of use of the CCNA  (FSS 287.055) in the evaluation process. If anyone can shed light on this, please let me know.
 Thank you.



09-18-2018 10:45

​City of FTL completed RFP for Asset Management last year, and did not follow CCNA, as it is not applicable.  sometimes an engineering firm will protest this process, but they are doing the proverbial 'blowing smoke"

07-31-2018 16:03

The only time CCNA is applicable is if the work to be performed requires a licensed engineer (PE), architect, landscape architect or surveyor.

We did an RFP for our Airport Master Plan a while back and did not follow CCNA because the Master Plan does not have to be completed by a professional engineer.  But, we only had engineering firms respond.

07-31-2018 15:33

We followed CCNA, and all of the submitting firms were engineering firms.

07-24-2018 12:14

​Gina:  CCNA is used for professional A&E Services.  Who is telling you that asset management falls under that?