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  • Brian Smith

    RE: How to Define Savings

    Posted in: Purchissues

    This article referred to the 5 Steps to Communicating the Value of Procurement presentation Forum....

  • Marcheta Gillespie

    RE: Body Worn Cameras and Video Management Solu...

    Posted in: Technology in Pro...

    Good afternoon, Melissa! The City of Tucson purchased body worn cameras for our police department....

  • Marcheta Gillespie

    RE: Transparency initiative

    Posted in: Purchissues

    Sorry for the delay, but thought I would share the City of Tucson's Spotlight on Spend site that we...

  • Brian Maness

    RE: Recommendation to Increase Bid Thresholod

    Posted in: Purchissues

    Attached is a memo I prepared for our Board regarding recommended changes to our Procurement Code...



Brian Maness

Jennifer Hyde

golf cart lease rfp

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Maria Mayhue

Bratwear Quote

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