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New coop coalition formed supporting excellence in procurement practice

Today, three cooperative programs – National IPA, NJPA and TCPN – announced... more

Completion Certificates and Evaluation Correction

Hello All! I have checked and now all course completion certificates reflect... more


  • Debra Kearns

    RE: Contract Award Thresholds

    Posted in: Florida Issues

    In general, same here in the City of Ft. Myers. $100,000 or above goes to City Council for approval. ...

  • photo not available

    RE: Liquidated Damages

    Posted in: Purchissues

    Our LD's are based on the size of the project. An example would be a project under $100,000.00 is...

  • Susan Olsen

    RE: Organization Structure

    Posted in: Purchissues

    Thanks Terry, and yes, the time is right for this department to be questioning since we are going...

  • Terry McKee

    RE: Organization Structure

    Posted in: Purchissues

    NIGP's 2014 Benchmark survey shows this information about procurement's reporting structure within...



Mike Thornton

Urban Planner RFQ

Posted in: Construction1

Mike Thornton

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