Ms. Alberta Kincaid, CPPB

West Virginia State Treasurer's Office

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West Virginia State Treasurer's Office


Hello from WV!

I have been working within state-level government since Jan 1988 and have risen through various levels of opportunity and learned via on-the-job and by taking various classes to increase my education and knowledge level in doing so.

I have worked for five different gov't agencies as well as part time in the retail industry.

I enjoy working with people but also like the analytics and accounting functions. I feel that working within a group/team or alone have developed strengths in me to build on for any type of project.

I am the proud mother of one daughter and 2 beautiful grandchildren.  My young grandson has sparked a lot of creativity in my life! I am also team leader of our Women's Ministry Group in my local church.

I wish I had pursued certification much sooner but thought my career path was going to go in a different direction so I neglected furthering my education related to procurement. I do look forward to interaction and gaining/using all the knowledge learned through NIGP and you all!