NIGP Certification

NIGP Certification

NIGP Certified Procurement Professional (NIGP-CPP)

Certification is a proven way for public procurement professionals to invest in their long-term career growth.

NIGP Certification

The new NIGP – CPP certification program is based on the Public Procurement Competency Framework and shifts the focus from just knowledge to competencies. It goes beyond existing certifications to look at the full scope of your capabilities to include technical and behavioral skills in addition to knowledge.

The new NIGP – CPP takes a more holistic approach to assessment. While it continues to focus on mastery of all the critical public procurement competencies, it broadens the overall scope to focus on strategy, leadership, and business principles, competencies which enable you to become a more well-rounded professional and strategic business partner.

The new NIGP – CPP certification and integration with Pathways will mean better service for our members and a simpler, more seamless experience. NIGP will play a central role and provide accountability for all your public procurement learning and credentialing needs. You will have one point of contact and one portal (Aspire) where you can manage, track and validate all your learning and credentialing efforts from certificates to specializations to certification.

How can certification help you?


Stand out and get hired

74% of hiring managers agree that they are more likely to hire a person who has certification


Enhance job performance

71% of hiring managers agree that certified employees know what is required to do their jobs


Get promoted

63% of hiring managers say that employees who are certified are more likely to get promoted


Become a recognized expert

74% of hiring managers believe that certified employees have greater expertise


How it works?

For current CPPB and CPPO holders who also want to get the new NIGP-CPP

  • The Bridge Program


For members who are seeking certification for the first time

  • The Comprehensive Program



For Current CPPO & CPPB

Certification Holders


1. Virtual prep courses for NIGP-CPP

2. Application Process

3. Examination Process