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Keeping up with the trends

By Kristy Varda posted 09-21-2017 07:33


Hello everyone!!! It's been awhile since I last posted but I want to keep this brainchild alive for longer than a few months.  

So how do we as procurement professionals keep up with the current procurement trends? Personally I have found sitting in on webinars is a useful tool to keep up.  In fact I am listening to a webinar presented by the esteemed Tammy Rimes, current Director of the National Cooperative Procurement Partners!! As a professional it is important that we do not discount free webinars from sources other that our state or national professional organizations.  Many times other organizations related to procurement can help with keeping us up to date.  A local legal firm may offer a free class once per year on the legal aspects of procurement or on construction procurement.   Vendors can offer webinars on current market trends.  Cooperative organizations can offer not only webinars on their contracts but also on how other organizations might do something.  
The key to all of this is to stay fresh and as current as we can be with the constantly moving target that is procurement.
Hope to see you soon!!