Justification Toolkit


Attendance Justification Toolkit

How to justify attendance - NIGP Forum 2020

While the procurement profession continues to struggle to do more with less, save dollars, and even find new ways to bring in revenue, we know that you will be asked to justify spending time away from the office and money to attend the NIGP Forum.  With tight budgets, you will have to find creative ways to convince your supervisor that this face to face educational and networking opportunity will help you find more efficient ways to do your job and stay current on issues your organization faces every day. 

General Tips

Things to consider to create a positive organization ROI resulting from your attendance:

  • Focus on what you will bring back to your agency as return on investment (ROI)
  • Commit to preparing a report for your supervisor on the things you learned
  • Offer to deliver a presentation to your colleagues post-Forum so they benefit from the experience
  • Explain that session handouts will be posted online so everyone in your office will have access to Forum content
  • Explain that Forum counts for 17 contact hours towards UPPCC CPPO or CPPB certification or re-certification
  • Have a plan ready that shows who will cover you while you are out of the office
  • Offer to share a room to save on hotel expenses
  • Register early! NIGP members registering before April 30 will save your agency $140
  • If you live within driving distance, offer to commute daily
  • Attend as a “daily” attendee if necessary.  Day pass registration rates are available
  • Offer to pay some expenses out of pocket, such as meals that are not included in the registration fee
  • Review the session topics and identify sessions and point out sessions that offer best practices that will provide immediate benefit
  • Review the exhibitor list.  Are there products and services your organization needs to learn more about?