Ms. Keri Moreland, CPPB

Purchasing Agent,
Transitional Membership

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Transitional Membership
Dekalb, IL


I have really found my calling in the world of Procurement. I enjoy learning about new things and I accept any challenge thrown my way. As a one person county purchasing department, I consult and advise departments on purchasing needs to include equipment, supplies and services within purchasing guidelines. I administer the contracts for services such as janitorial services, janitorial supplies, uniforms for county employees, water coolers, copiers and cell phones.Purchasing also assists departments with budgetary projections for continuing service contracts and leases.
My position includes being the administrator for the county wide purchasing card program which includes ordering new cards, establishing credit lines and reconciling the monthly statement for all county departments. I review departmental requisition entries for budgetary compliance and consistency with corresponding back up as well as prints and distributes purchase orders to appropriate departments.
I also compile departmental designation of county owned goods as surplus; arrange for auction of goods to ensure highest rate of return and maintain records of all revenue received from sale of surplus items. I wrote, manage and enforce the current Purchasing Policy, Travel Policy and Purchasing Card Policy currently in use by the County.
As Purchasing Officer, I am the Contract Administrator and I present contract approvals and surplus item requests before a board during bi-monthly meetings. I was selected as employee of the year for FY11 and obtained my CPPB designation in May 2013.
My skills include, but are not limited to knowledge of governmental budgeting and accounting methods, principles and practices as well as various procurement methods and options. Knowledge of Microsoft products (Word, Outlook, Excel, Power Point). I provide excellent customer service and can multi-task while working with tight deadlines.
I became a grandma for the first time in Jan 15 and boy does it change your world! I couldn't be more proud and it also gives you just one more reason to make sure that you do your best in your job everyday to provide a better future for our kids and grandkids.