Certification - How has it helped you in your career?

By Catherine Patin posted 12 days ago

January is Cert Prep Month! Time to get serious and buckle down to prepare for the May exams. Our 2015 Research Report explores the  Value of Procurement Certification and we see some powerful takeaways -  71% of managers say certified individuals know what is required to perform their jobs better, 74% recognize certified individuals as experts and 85% say certification validates specialized knowledge.

I'd love to start a dialog on the what you see as the value of certification. How has it impacted your career? Look forward to your thoughts.




11 days ago

Well said! Thank you.

11 days ago

Certification for me was a long-term goal that helped solidify and legitimize my interest and passion in public procurement.  I feel that using certification letters in one's signature is a reminder to themselves and others the expected professionalism that using them carries; they are not just letters in the alphabet – they stand for something significant.  CPPB & CPPO certification has the potential to open many doors, especially in that holding on to them requires one to continue growing and learning through the recertification process.  We can never stop learning!