February 22 - 24, 2018

Expand Your Network

Hyatt Regency Dulles, Herndon, VA

Chapter Vice Presidents and other Chapter Officers

Join NIGP, Chapter Ambassadors and other Chapter Officers, February 22-24, 2018, for NIGP’s 5th Annual Leadership Development Symposium. This is not an ordinary leadership experience. It’s an adventure that will motivate, excite and energize you. Leave empowered with the knowledge and confidence to lead in ways that will help you, your chapter, your agency, your profession, and your Institute.

We are inviting all 2018 Chapter Vice Presidents and/or any Chapter Officers to join us on this journey of leadership to arm you with the skills and knowledge you need to be an effective leader. We are specifically inviting Vice Presidents so they will have an optimal amount of time to learn and grow from this experience in time to serve as your President. You don’t want to miss out!



  • Evaluate your individual strengths to be an effective leader
  • Find your individual behavior style
  • Get ready to SOAR – A new and innovative methodology to develop a strategic framework. (You may be familiar with SWAT – this is a different approach)
  • How to effectively use Mind Mapping – diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks or other items linked to and arranged in a radius around a central key word or idea.
**Program content is consistent from year to year, , but you may attend again with another of your chapter’s officers.

Code of Conduct

Attendee Code of Conduct

NIGP is dedicated to providing a safe, friendly, welcoming, and harassment-free environment for all event attendees and participants regardless of gender, gender identity or expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity or religion. NIGP has adopted a code of conduct which outlines expectations for all attendees and participants, including member and non-member attendees, speakers, contractors, exhibitors, sponsors, guests and volunteers. Cooperation is expected from everyone and NIGP will actively enforce this code throughout the event.

A complete version of our code of conduct can be found at:

Code of Conduct