Social Event

Social Event - The Leonardo

Monday, August 28 - 6:30 pm - 11:00 pm

The Leonardo

Why is The Leonardo?


Leonardo da Vinci was an artist, an engineer, a scientist, an architect, a musician and a humanitarian, among many other things. Leonardo's famous curiosity was a more important tool than his paintbrush. By experimenting, questioning, and exploring the world around him, he asked questions nobody had ever asked before. And found answers nobody found before him. He made no distinction between art and science.

The Leonardo honors and embodies the spirit of this Renaissance Man. The museum is a place where you can freely wander and wonder. Come and discover your inner genius, just like Leonardo did. Look around. Ask big questions. Have fun. Get your hands busy. Welcome.

Exhibit FLIGHT

Don't miss this original blockbuster Exhibit!

Featuring a C-131 plan and Russian MiG suspended from the ceiling, FLIGHT is like no other exhibit!  Enjoying sitting in the cockpit of the plane, the FLIGHT simulators, or even the airline seats complete with tray tables!

Flight Exhibit

Entertainment - Party Crashers

Crashing NIGP's Social Event at The Leonardo!

Led by the extraordinary vocal talents of top-selling recording artists, Jenny J, Danny Savage and Gray.