Sessions - Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Eileen_McDargh.jpgPlenary Session - 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM

Cultivating Radical Resiliency

Concurrent Sessions - 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Contract Administration: Building a High Performing Contract

Procurement professionals spend substantial amounts of time in the solicitation, sourcing, negotiating, and contract award functions. Yet, with all the time that gets invested, contract administration continues to be the weak link in the procurement armor, the Achilles' heel of organizations. Discussion will include how to reduce your agency's legal and financial risk, how to help suppliers be more successful, and save end user time, money, and heartache. Learn how to build and develop a high performing, highly effective Contract Administration function in your agency. Note: This is a two-hour session with a 15-minute break.

Co-ops 101: Practices, Programs and Assessment

This session provides a foundation for a better understanding of the cooperative landscape. We’ll focus on the fundamental approaches to cooperative procurement and how they are implemented through “cooperative programs.” We’ll review the profiles of national, regional, and market-centric programs to identify their approach to cooperative practice and how the contracts promoted by the programs reflect that approach. Through our review, you’ll experience a process for more quickly assessing and recognizing those programs with contracts that may (or may not) be better suited for use by your agency.

Enabling Project Success with Design/Build Procurement

There are key differences among common project delivery methods. Design/Build can be the method that leads to your success! Come learn the essential characteristics that distinguish design/build from other methodologies, as well as the critical elements included in a successful RFQ/RFP. Once mastered, the Design/Build methodology has application that goes beyond construction. This is more than just another tool – this is another way of thinking.

Ensuring a Seamless Transition for Chapter Leadership

In this session, Chapter Leaders will meet the most recent Presidents of the South Carolina Association of Governmental Purchasing Officials and learn about strategies the Chapter employed to ensure that there was seamless transition from one President to the next. Come share your most recent succession experiences and discuss each other’s approaches to Board planning for the future of your organization.

Microsoft Outlook Productivity Tips, Tricks & Timesavers

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by email? Do you ever struggle to get through all your messages so that you can focus on other priorities? Learn Microsoft Outlook tips and strategies from a certified Microsoft Outlook Expert to help organize and prioritize your messages, quickly search and navigate through your inbox, create tasks and appointments, and save time and effort.

NIGP Commodity/Services Code (NIGP Code) and Its Value


Explore the NIGP Commodity/Services Code’s structure and benefits in public procurement organizations today. This session aims to expand your idea of what the NIGP Code can do with new opportunities for use shared by others in your field.

The Road to Centralization: The Story of One Agency's Transformation

Are you looking to centralize procurement operations? Planning to implement industry best practices? Listen to this informative and interactive session on how one agency's procurement team successfully applied for Pareto Accreditation in five short years after the department's creation. Learn how the team planned their strategy, worked through challenges, achieved industry recognition for best practices and innovative ideas, and continues to evaluate processes for improvement opportunities.

Sustainable Purchasing 101 (Part 1 of 2): Achieving Your Procurement Goals with Products That Meet the Triple Bottom Line

Go from 101 to pro with this crash course in sustainable purchasing! Using specific examples within public procurement, this session will familiarize you with the key steps in implementing a sustainable purchasing plan, including an introduction to sustainable purchasing, how to identify sustainable products, and ways to utilize sustainable purchasing as an opportunity rather than an obligation.

Concurrent Sessions - 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

Adobe Acrobat Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

Did you know that sharing a PDF, as opposed to other file types, ensures that the format and layout of a file remains intact and secure? Uncover the secrets of how to navigate PDFs, insert hyperlinks and bookmarks for simpler navigation, apply security and redaction, create portfolios to distribute documents, and other tips and tricks for using Adobe Acrobat.

Collaborative Procurements: What’s Possible

By leveraging the value and power in collaboration, working together results in value for agencies. Finding the right collaborative approach to achieve your goals can make a difference. During this session, you will learn about various possible collaboration options worth considering, how they could be used, and discuss best practices. Thinking differently can make a change easier to implement. Remember, you have options!

The Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) Process

Construction that follows the same old process may never lead to innovation, cost control, or design quality. Learn about a unique method used to accelerate project delivery: the CM/GC process. The agency hires a contractor to provide feedback during the design phase before the start of construction to offer input on scheduling, pricing, and phasing in order to help you design a better on time and on budget project. You may never start another construction project the same way again.

Contract Administration: Building a High Performing Contract (continued)

Cooperative Accreditation – How it Works & Why it Matters

In June 2017, NIGP announced the first cooperative program to achieve NIGP Accredited Cooperative accreditation. A panel featuring representatives from the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance, two public agencies reviewed, NIGP Consulting, the NAC program development team, and NIGP accreditation program staff will discuss why and how the NAC program was developed, the experience of those who successfully underwent the NAC assessment and what the cooperative program accreditation means to them, and observations from those conducting the assessment. Join the discussion and bring any questions or observations you may have about cooperative practice and cooperative accreditation.

Retooling the Competitive Sealed Proposal with the Kaizen Event Process

The City of El Paso Purchasing Department recently utilized the Lean Six Sigma Process to improve Competitive Sealed Proposal Procurement. This project was successful in identifying cost avoidance, reducing process cycle time, and improving customer satisfaction. In this session, review Kaizen methodology that was utilized in reengineering this process, creating efficiencies and decreased process times for The City’s customers.

RFP Evaluation Integrity – Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest

Is documented confidentiality and prevention of conflict of interest needed or required from RFP evaluating team members? This session will provide you with information to support the need for documentation of these requirements, its legal purpose, and creative ways to deal with noncompliant team players.

Sustainable Purchasing 101 (Part 2 of 2): Achieving Your Procurement Goals with Products That Meet the Triple Bottom Line

Go from 101 to pro with this crash course in sustainable purchasing! Using specific examples within public procurement, this session will familiarize you with the key steps in implementing a sustainable purchasing plan, including an introduction to sustainable purchasing, how to identify sustainable products, and ways to utilize sustainable purchasing as an opportunity rather than an obligation. (Note: If you have introductory experience with sustainable purchasing, this session will help advance your knowledge of sustainable procurement.)

What Procurement Professionals Need to Know About Disadvantaged, Minority/Women/Small/Veteran Owned Business Programs

This session presents the legal standards governing disadvantaged/minority/women/small/ veteran owned business programs and why such understanding is crucial to protect your agency, while providing benefits to diverse suppliers. We will also discuss the recent litigation trends, best program practices, and tips for implementation and conducting disparity studies.

Concurrent Sessions - 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

2017 NIGP Innovation Award - Procurement Tracking System (ProcureTrack)

  • Brenda J. Billingsley, Director of Purchasing, Broward County Florida Board of County Commissioners Purchasing Division, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Glenn Marcos, CPPO, Assistant Director, Broward County Florida Board of County Commissioners Purchasing Division, Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Broward County Purchasing Division is the recipient of the 2017 NIGP Innovations in Public Procurement Award for developing their in-house software known as ProcureTrack. ProcureTrack is an automated scheduling, notification, and workflow system created to, keep County procurements stakeholders on-track, manage internal customers’ expectations by informing them every step of the procurement process and deliver procurements on a timely basis. Come hear an overview of the software and gain insight to how Broward County is pioneering the frontier of technology to manage its procurements.

A New Approach to RFP Scoring: Mitigating the Risk of Award Challenges

Public sector organizations expend considerable efforts developing contractual terms and procedures to mitigate legal challenges to their bidding process. Implementing simple statistical tools can enhance the defensibility of award decisions and, as a result, create a fairer and more objective environment for suppliers. This session will introduce you to the concept of using of variance calculations in RFP scoring procedures and show you how this technique can reduce your organization’s vulnerability to award challenges.

Advanced Leadership for Purposeful Change

Leadership development has greater results when an individual creates an action plan for changed behavior. Using the five dynamic characteristics of inspire, challenge, enable, model, and encourage from the 6th edition of the Leadership Challenge, learn how to create a transformational action plan and discuss how to coach others on this same process as a volunteer or in the workplace.

Fuel Excise Tax Exemptions and Credits for Government Entities

Many state and local government agencies use a variety of fuels which are mostly exempt from federal and state excise tax for government entities. There are also a number of refundable tax credits for various types of alternative fuels, but the qualification and filing requirements can be very complex and confusing. This session will provide a roadmap to navigate these confusing rules and provide some clarity to help your agency take advantage of these exemption and credit programs.

L.E.D. Procurement Conspiracy: An FBI Case History

“MIA Lighting Conspiracy” presentation provides an in-depth look into a procurement conspiracy that encompassed multiple public officials, six different companies, twenty large scale public projects, four systems of money laundering, hundreds of false invoices, thousands of fake products, nearly nine million dollars in public contracts, and one of the nation’s largest airports. Over a five-year period, this conspiracy rigged, defrauded, stole, and bribed its way to well over five million dollars in illegal gains. The presentation provides the audience the opportunity to see the conspiracy from multiple perspectives, i.e., the perspective of each individual conspirator and the crimes they committed in furtherance of the conspiracy. The audience will understand how procurement procedures, from the inception of a project to delivery of the product, were corrupted by the conspirators. The audience will be provided with “red flags” or “indicators” from which they can examine their own procurement procedures going forward. Note: This is a two-hour session with a 15-minute break.

The Success of Public Tendering in Europe

Public procurement in the European Union is a clear and tangible success of the “internal EU market.” Contract opportunities are posted EU-wide in 28 languages via the Luxemburg-based Tender Economic Daily website, and EU countries are transitioning to 100% digital tendering. While EU and US public procurement may have differences, there are many aspects of the EU eProcurement strategy that US procurement practitioners can adapt for use in their own organizations. Attend this session to find out more!

Tracing a Profession and Discovering an Identity: The Pillars, Values and Guiding Principles, and Resources of Public Procurement

Do you swell with pride when someone asks “What do you do?” Are you eager to learn and apply new tools? In this session, we relate the procurement practitioner's identity as a professional to the pillars, values and guiding principles, and resources of public procurement. We trace the evolution of public procurement from a transactional job to a certified profession engaged with policy at the executive level and share resources to earn you a “seat at the table.”

Writing Specifications or Scopes of Work



A solicitation is only as good as the specification or scope of work it contains, so knowing how to write that specification is vital. If suppliers do not understand what an organization wants, they cannot properly respond with a valid bid. In this session, discover the typical issues in writing specifications and complete a hands-on activity that will help you learn the proper questions to ask so the most important information can be included in the right type of solicitation.

Concurrent Session - 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Building Better Relationships with Managers and Motivating Staff

Imagine the perfect job: everyone respects each other, you are a valued employee, your contributions are recognized, and you are growing and flourishing professionally. Best of all, your manager is supportive and motivating staff to perform at their best. Is this even possible? Yes! Come explore these possibilities. This won't happen overnight, but you'll gain some tools to start your journey.

Designing and Facilitating Chapter Meetings that Buzz with Engagement

“Not another meeting!” Whether the meeting is virtual or face-to-face, this interactive session will show you how to turn dull and predictable Chapter events into productive and energizing meetings. In addition to proactive meeting management, explore strategic ways to facilitate a group that energizes and engages those around the table.

"Houston We Have a Problem” – Supplier Performance


"Houston We Have a Problem!" Is this your daily mantra when it comes to supplier performance? Procurement's role should always be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to supplier compliance. Pick up some techniques that may improve your effectiveness when managing new and low performing suppliers, as well as increase the value you get from your suppliers.

Incorporating Sustainable IT Considerations into Enterprise Purchasing Activities

The purchase of Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) IT products is a cornerstone of almost all established sustainable purchasing programs. This session will show you how purchasing EPEAT-registered products saves money, reflects environmental leadership, and, due to the broad availability of common purchasing categories, meets numerous end-user purchasing requirements. Learn how other organizations are implementing sustainable IT purchasing programs and how to get credit for the positive impacts your organization may already be accruing.

L.E.D. Lighting Scam: A Case History (continued)

Organizational Structures: The Driving Force Behind Contract Management

Your organizational structure can impact the success of your contract management program. How you manage contracts and contractor performance will greatly depend on the type of organizational structure you are in, as well as the leadership structure and culture of your organization. Join this session to explore the contract management principles and best practices of five organizational structures and pick up practical and quick strategies to get your organization on track.

Removing the Mystery of RFP Evaluations

Conducting RFPs can be intimidating for many procurement professionals — but that does not have to be the case! We will examine real-life examples of potential evaluation criteria and price scoring methodologies to discover what works best for varying situations. Pick up tips on who to include on evaluation panels, as well as the keys to conducting successful, professional panel meetings.

The Three "Be's" to Ensuring Success in Your Professional Procurement Career

Sometimes we get so busy with the challenges and needs of our organization that we forget to think about our next professional steps. While technical skills are important, "soft" skills also matter. Discover the three "B's" - Be Certified, Be Valuable, Be Awesome! Informative and a bit entertaining, this session is loaded with tips on developing your own personal brand, presenting and communicating, sharing your value without "bragging," and expanding your professional network.

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